IFWT_CruzRob Gronkowski loves to party and be the center of fun. Now we aren’t saying that in a bad way, in fact we salute him for doing basically whatever the hell he wants away from the field and enjoying his life. With that said I think everyone is aware of the huge double standard that exists when it comes to Gronk compared to other players if they chose to act the same way as him.


Could you imagine the backlash in the media if Cam Newton or Odell Beckham Jr was throwing wild parties with half naked, drunk women everywhere and foolishness at an all time high? Yeah it would be pretty severe from the media standpoint but yet Gronk is almost treated like a God for his partying ways and for not conforming to how people want him to act.

It is a point that is not lost on many players around the league, including Victor Cruz.

“I mean Gronk is kind of labeled as that guy that likes to have fun and party and things like that. And you know that because he’s open about it and doesn’t hide it but if it was someone like Odell or Cam to do it, it would just be talked about a little bit more than when Gronk does it because you expect that from Gronk and you don’t expect that from Odell [Beckham] or Cam [Newton]. So there’s just a double standard there due to their personalities and how they are. But I think either one is cool.”

Cruz is 100% right. Players don’t hate on Gronk, they like him too. They just don’t like how other players would be treated if it was them doing what he does. To his credit, like Cruz said, Gronk doesn’t try to hide who he is or what he likes to do but if Cam or OBJ had a three day cruise full of drunkness it wouldn’t be a passing story, it would be reported on for months.