Charlie Sheen is asking for his children’s mother, Brooke Mueller, to reduce his child support payments. Charlie claims the checks are not rolling as they once were which is making it harder for him to pay child support.

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Charlie is currently paying Mueller $55,000 a month for their two twins Bob and Max. Charlie says he had been bringing in $613,000 a month and that is just from “Two and a Half Men.” He claims he had to sell those right for a lump sum of $26,750,000. Now he says he has been only brining in $87,384 a month. Last month, Charlie claims he got $6,261. He says it is hard for him to keep up because his expenses are $105,000. $25,000 goes to healthcare expenses that insurance doesn’t cover. To top it all off, Charlie says he owes damn there a million dollars in legal fees and his credit card debt is up to almost $600k.

Source: TMZ