Drake is certainly worth a lot to Jas Prince (the guy who initially discovered the record-breaking rapper from Canada). Prince continues to get screwed over in the legal battle concerning the “finder’s fee” he was supposed to get from discovering Drake. Now he’s got a new fall guy to sue. Hit the jump.

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Jas Prince is suing Derrick Lawrence, who co-owns Aspire Music. According to the lawsuit, Prince has a very specific contract regarding his finder’s fee for Drake: Young Money has to pay Aspire 1/3 of it’s Drake profits, Aspire keeps 1/3, and gives the other two-thirds to Jas Prince.

The problem is that Young Money (Drake’s record label) hasn’t paid Aspire a dime yet – so that means no payday for Prince and he’s in the dark as to why Lawrence hasn’t sued yet. Prince says that their contract requires Aspire to use “best efforts” to get the money.

Sources connected to Prince’s company believe there’s something strange going on, possibly a deal being made on the side with Young Money – leaving Prince the finder beat.

Lawrence says there’s no side deal and Aspire’s received no Drake profits from Young Money. Ohh that Young Money loves lawsuits don’t they.