Lil Wayne can add another lawsuit to his list of pending cases. This time around it’s one of his lawyers who’s suing Weezy for not paying the monthly bill. Hit the jump on how much Wayne actually owes.

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Back in December, Wayne was sued by the lawyer who he hired to sue Birdman in their notorious $51 Million lawsuit. According to attorney Michael B. Kramer, Wayne hadn’t paid him the 300K he was supposed to. The agreement was for Wayne to pay up $20,000 a month until he reaches the $300K, paying $50,000 covering January up front to start. Well now it’s the middle of March, and Kramer still hasn’t got his $20K for February, so he’s suing Tunechi once more.

It was recently reported that Lil Wayne also owes the federal government $12 Million in taxes. Hope this is just Wayne being nonchalant and not having financial woes.