Funk legend George Clinton was a surprise featured artist on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. Now he gives his thoughts on who Kendrick reminds him of in these 2 two musical icons. Hit the jump.

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In an interview with Piegeons & Planes, Clinton compares Kendrick to Prince & Sly Stone:

“Reminds me of Sly Stone in the way he’s poetic and political but also very inclusive of everybody in the mainstream. Kendrick is pointing out the faults of himself and greater society at the same time. When you can tell the truth like that and still appeal to the kids, still have street cred, you’re doing something really good. To me, that’s what younger artists are supposed to do, they’re supposed to simplify shit and take it back to the beginning.

It’s hard as hell to be in that position with so much attention, but [Kendrick’s] got a good team around him. It’s hard to deal with and still try to be creative at the same time, but he has that in check. The only other person I’ve seen do it like that before is Prince!”

Clinton was on TPAB’s opener “Wesley’s Theory”, but actually says his favorite song from that album is ‘Hood Politics’. Two of my favorites.