A video was just released of ISIS burning bibles & Christian books in a display of their hatred for the two groups beliefs. After much speculation, Secretary of State John Kerry has officially declared that this is in fact, genocide. Hit the jump.

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Kerry said Thursday that the U.S has determined ISIS’ action against the Yazidis and other minority groups in Iraq and Syria constitutes it’s genocide:

“My purpose here today is to assert in my judgment, (ISIS) is responsible for genocide against groups in areas under its control including Yazidis, Christians and Shiite Muslims.”

In 2014, ISIS trapped and killed Yazidis, enslaved thousands of Yazidi women and girls, “selling them at auction, raping them at will and destroying the communities in which they had lived for countless generations,” executed Christians “solely for their faith” and they as well as “forced Christian women and girls into slavery.” Sickening.

At a news conference at the State Department, John Kerry stated:

“Without our intervention, it is clear that those people would have been slaughtered.”

This is also the first time the United States has declared a genocide since Darfur in 2004.