I am not the biggest fan of Donald Trump but I don’t know anyone personally who really is. A lot of Trump supporters have lost their marbles. They are literally starting violet fights with non Trump supporters and assaulting them verbally and physically at his rally’s but it looks like some non Trump supporters are taking a stand in a different way. In Arizona dozens of protesters blocked traffic leading to a Donald Trump rally while in New York City demonstrators marched to protest the GOP front-runner.

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Dozens of protesters blocked off traffic today in Arizona near a Donald Trump rally Saturday while crowds of demonstrators gathered in Manhattan to march from Columbus Circle near Central Park to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

Arizona protesters parked their cars sideways on Shea Boulevard, blocking both lanes of traffic into Fountain Hills, Arizona, where Trump held his rally Saturday afternoon said Deputy Joaquin Enriquez told CNN. Enriquez described Shea Boulevard as the main artery into the area and the protesters’ actions were causing motorists to drive into oncoming traffic as they tried to get around them. Traffic was backed up for miles due to the blockage.

Deputy Enriquez told CNN that the protesters were causing huge issues and that they need to get the road opened. Enriquez later told CNN that three protesters were arrested and two cars were towed from the boulevard. The deputy emphasized that the arrests were due to protesters blocking the roadway, not because of the protest itself.

People really don’t want Donald Trump to be president but I mean can you blame them? His rally’s have become violent and his supporters are are verbally and physically assaulting protesters. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump and people protesting against him? Comment below and tell us what you think.

Source: CNN