And the saga continues…the legal battles between 50 Cent and Rick Ross are healthy as ever as Ross is wanting the judge to throw out 50’s case against him for using 50’s “In Da Club” beat on his Renzel Remixes tape back in December. 50 claims The Bawse violated his trademark by putting his tag on the track withouth Fif’s permission and then used the mixtape to promote his retail album Black Market. Read more after the jump.

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Yesterday in court, Rozay retaliated to the $2 Million lawsuit by saying his mixtape never had a pricetag on it, was up for free download/stream, and that 50 doesn’t even own the rights to the “In Da Club” beat so he really can’t claim damages. Ross even argued that this is just a mere ploy for Fif to get him back for Ross’ baby mama suing him for $7 million – which reportedly bankrupted 50 (that whole bankrupt story is still a mystery to every one if that’s even true, who knows with 50 Cent).

The judge is to yet to make a ruling.