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I am sure being a teacher is very difficult and requires an extreme amount of patience because dealing with children and teenagers can be hard but if you don’t have patience and can’t keep your cool DON’T BECOME A TEACHER AND DON’T WORK WITH KIDS! Mary Hastings of Texas was caught on video slapping a high school student multiple times and yelling at him calling him a “idiot ass.” Smh.

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Mary Hastings is a teacher at Ozen High School in Texas. The high school teacher was caught on video striking a student five times while yelling at him about a disruption, calling him an “idiot ass.” Then Hastings appears to mock the student after the student asked her why she did that.

She was arrested on one charge of assault and released on bail, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Ozen High School administration has placed Hastings on administrative leave and the school district said in a statement that they do not condone and won’t tolerate employees abusing a child.

Kids will be kids but as a teacher no matter what the situation is you can’t physically abuse a student no matter what they have done. What if the student hit her back? Cause I think I would of whopped Mary Hastings ass if she hit me five times at my desk in class. From the looks of it to me Mary Hastings attacked the student but you be the judge. Check out the video below and then comment and let us know what you think.

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