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Spotify released details about the streaming habits of their members on the music streaming service for Playstation, Playstation Music, and they find Drake is the most streamed artist on their application. A lot of gamers in the Sony camp rock with the OVO boy.

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It has been a year since Spotify and Playstation came together to enhance the way people play by letting gamers stream popular music while they play.

But it looks like a lot of gamers, at least on the Playstation, prefer to bing that Hotline Bling when they pick up the sticks.

Drake tops the charts for ‘Most Streamed Artist’, ‘Most Streamed Artist in the US’, and Jumpman tops as the ‘Most Streamed Track in the US’, according to data released by Spotify for Playstation Music. Hotline Bling follows as the second most streamed track in the US, right behind Jumpman.

Spotify also found that Saturday is the most popular day for gamers to stream music on the Playstation app. However, Fridays between 8pm and 9pm are the most popular hours for streaming overall.

It looks like Drake has a little more insight to his fanbase now. Who knows, maybe Drake will pay attention to this information and play around with some marketing to take advantage of his newly discovered gaming following.

Source: XXL Magazine