If you ever fell asleep on the job (even though you’re not supposed to), normally you would expect to wake up in the same place you fell asleep in, right? This happened to a FedEx worker, but with a slight twist.

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This FedEx worker was loading up a plane when he was overcome with exhaustion and fell asleep. The doors were closed and next thing you know he’s on the flight from Memphis to Texas.

It’s said that this FedEx worker has two jobs and worked himself to exhaustion so that’s the reason he fell asleep on the job. He banged on the cabin door when he woke up but obviously for safety reasons they cannot open it. So shortly after that they landed, got him out, and notified airport police and he is now in police custody. No charges are expected.

Could you imagine going to sleep in one state and waking up in a complete different state? That’s wild!