Beyonce’s power extends much further than just the music realm. As an icon, she fan flex her strength pretty much anytime she wants and sometimes it happens even when she isn’t trying to. The NFL felt somewhat disrespected by Beyonce’s half time performance during Super Bowl 50 because they felt it was hurtful towards law enforcement officials and some fans but that didn’t stop them from checking themselves and realizing how much power Bey has, prior to them releasing their 2016 schedule this week.


The league released the schedule for the 2016 season this week but everything was on hold until they got clearance from Beyonce and her team. The hold up had to do with her tour and making sure no games on the schedule would interfere with any of the stadiums she plans to perform at during the season, because she was first priority.

NFL.com mentioned part of the issue on their website:

The schedule that was released Thursday — one week earlier than usual, in part because the league wanted to give teams a chance to add those extra Queen Bey dates in their stadiums — was No. 43,066 spit out by the league’s computers. It hung on the wall as the leader in the clubhouse for eight days, the favorite because, among other things, there were no dud weeks for television, just two teams (Washington and Green Bay) were stuck with three-game road stretches and only one (the Giants) has to play a road game the week after a Monday night game on the road.

Everything was good to go once it was ran by Queen Bey because the NFL doesn’t want to upset their fans but they damn sure don’t want to anger the Beyhive.