If you’re a battle rap fan you know that at the URL even “Double Impact” a special 2 on 2 rap battle happened and one team certainly didn’t disappoint.

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The duo of Tsu Surf and Tay Roc or “Guntitles” had their first battle together as a duo against 2 on 2 veterans DNA and K-Shine. Surf and Roc didn’t disappoint at all coming right out of the gate with bar after bar and the crowd went crazy. Unfortunately, the battle didn’t get to reach the third round because of a second altercation between Tay Roc and K-Shine because they have a prior history of them not liking each other. Tempers were flaring in the room and they ended the battle before the situation could get out of control. I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m really excited to see the Guntitles duo moving forward. You can watch the battle below.