It looks like weddings aren’t even a safe space for Kanye to not act like Kanye. Check out the wedding reception, where Mr. West playfully references the iconic moment he shared with Taylor Swift a few years back.

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Corporate executive David Grutman was having his wedding last night, with a number of A-list celebrities flocking the reception, while a close friend was giving a toast. If you’re Kanye, what better opportunity to interrupt a meaningful speech than this moment. In true Kanye fashion, he grabs the mic from Jason Binn and gave us this golden line, (Peep the “uh, oh” someone uttered right before Kanye took the mic, haha.)

“Jason, Ima let you finish but, Jason Grutman had one of the best weddings of all time!”

xD Oh Kanye, you never disappoint.

Well I guess this says it all. I love you @isabelarangela Grutman

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