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Sony is looking to patent their own design of a contact lens with a built-in camera that has working image stabilization and autofocus.

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It looks like another technological shift is taking place as Sony is seeking to patent a design of their own technological contact lens.

The patent, which doesn’t appear to have been approved yet, describes a “contact lens and storage medium” capable of controlling an “image pickup unit” (aka a camera). The patent describes a lens that can take images when it detects the “conscious” blink of an eye, storing them locally, or sending them to an external device. A “tilt sensor” is used to activate a display, which shows additional controls. The lens could even include autofocus, aperture control, and image stabilization to correct the “blur caused by motion of the eyeball.”

This isn’t the first time that we’re seeing technology being implemented into a contact lens either. A team of researchers at Washington University back in 2011 originally began developing contact lenses with computers in them.

Google also announced their smart contact lens project back in 2014 and even Samsung is working on a contact lens of their own as well.

However, with Sony coming forth with a patent of their own design, it certainly hints that this may become something of the future. Microsoft is working on their own virtual realty headset but who knows, maybe they might even jump on the contact lens hype train too.

Source: The Verge