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The future of personal transportation is looking interesting as plumber, stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and Youtuber, Colin Furze just created his own hoverbike. The amazing part is that the entire thing is homemade!

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Colin Furze is certainly a brilliant individual and definitely proves so as he uploaded in his new youtube video of his own homemade hoverbike!

The homemade hoverbike has no brakes, no steering and no seat but none of that matters because at the end of the day it is still working a hoverbike to Colin. So long as the creation left the ground and he was able to ride it, was enough to satisfy the plumbing inventor.

Although the entire project was homemade and constructed in the Colin’s shed, he did have a little help. The project was sponsored by Ford and Unlearn who helped Colin turn the thought of making a hoverbike from scratch into a reality for him.

Colin Furze has plenty of videos of his crazy contraptions. You can watch videos where he has made things like a motorized tricycle, wolverine claws, and even hover shoes too! The guy is honestly a wicked inventor and serves as a great source of inspiration if you ever wanted to take on inventing for yourself.

For the fact he was able to construct a working hoverbike from inside a shed says a lot, and since the project was sponsored by Ford it could hint to possibilities for the future. Who knows, may be one day Ford may introduce a concept of their own hoverbike. Although, I doubt that it would be manufactured in a shed like Colin’s original hoverbike.

Source: Hot In Tech