By now I’m sure we’ve heard the reference track of “Work” that PartyNextDoor made for Rhianna. Homeboy is making bank! But is he making that same amount of bank from writing for his OVO boss Drizzy Drake? Possibly so but…possibly not as well. You know what that means, Meek Mill got some new ammunition.

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To set the record straight, PND is definitely on the writing credits for Drake’s “Legend”. No one ever really knew his specific contributions though. How much of the song did he really write? Did he come up with the song or was it just an expansion of a Drake idea? Judge for yourself…

Now here is where it gets messy. Nowhere in the writing credits does it say that PartyNextDoor was a contributor for “Company”. Now, that’s not hard to believe at first because we all know PDN doesn’t write all of Drake’s music. But nothing was the same since this dropped…

Funny how both tracks have OG in the the titles to make sure you know where the original came from, haha. What do you guys think? Does this hurt Drake’s credibility? Does this even matter? Make sure you comment.