Remember those gang members in Chicago that threatened Rick Ross’ life a couple years back… yeah I don’t think you’ll hear back from them soon anyways.

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For those that don’t know about the crazy video, check it out.

Rozay quickly deaded the rumors of cancelling his show because of these threats. Besides that, he said he was showing respect for Disciple founder, Larry Hoover, but the gang members didn’t see it that way. The mentioning of Larry Hoover’s name and Ross placing his face on the star of David, urged them to force Ross to pay before they “release this pressure”.

Well, recently Chicago PD arrested 48 Gangster Disciples, 4 of them from the video shown above. The charges included murder, drug possession, and weapon possession. Luckily for Ross he doesn’t have to deal with those 4 members but there was a lot more than just 4 in the video. Not to mention GD’s from all over the country sworn to put pressure on Ross as the video solemnly states “We everywhere you at”.

None of this, of course, has fazed Rick Ross in the slightest. He is still the rich and confident rapper that he was always known to be. Still, I bet he won’t be feeling like Larry Hoover anytime soon.