IFWT_Tesla Model S

If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X then you already know about the feature of being able to summon the car on your own. But it looks like one person is going a little further when it comes to calling on your car.

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A man was able to integrate Amazon’s Echo into their own Tesla Model S and created a cooler way of summoning your car. Combining Tesla’s API and Amazon’s Echo, Jason Goecke, created a code for the car to respond to a keyword that triggers the car to come to you. Jason Goecke’s keyword is “Ask KITT” – a Knight Rider – reference that gets his car to leave the garage.

While Goecke managed to play around with the technological features of his car he hopes that Tesla will open up their developer tools to allow more friendly functions like this one but in a safe way.

“Our friends at Tesla should work with the burgeoning developer community to open a fully supported and safe public API. Tesla has built the beginnings of an excellent platform, but it will take concerted effort to attract developers to build apps that even Elon Musk hasn’t dreamed of (yet).”

Source: The Verge