The troll level is strong in this one. I don’t think Donald Trump is going to take kindly what’s being shown in Lithuania.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

When John McCain said that Trump and Putin are a “match made in Heaven”, he wasn’t kidding. Donald Trump has been on record praising Vladimir Putin’s authoritative leadership. Putin has been on record calling Trump “bright” and “flamboyant”. So it’s only right to have them shown in such a intimate way.

“We saw a sort of similarity between the two guys, you know, Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin. And we just thought that, like, they might find some might find comfort in each other.”

Says one of the mural’s contributing artist,

“This street art is sort of a projection of a possible future that we might have”

Whether he meant that in a negative way or not, you just can’t knock his creativity.

Peep the, now viral, artwork in the gallery.