When you have Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Kimmel, and Sisqo all in the same sentence there’s no way you can possibly go wrong lmao. Check out this funny MTV-“My Super Sweet Sixteen”-styled video.

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When people usually hit 60 years of age, I think its safe to assume that they’re never really the type to turn up and a throw a bangin ass party.. But don’t ever say that to the “Brion King” Bryan Cranston. He takes his amazing talents to Jimmy Kimmel to perform this skit where he’s basically a 16 year old girl in a 60 year old man’s body, ready to plan his “Super Sweet 60” lol.

In the video, Cranston claims he still lives with his parents who look well over 90. When talking to his parents about what he wants for the party he’s super needy, annoying, and self-centered, like pretty much every Super Sweet Sixteen girl ever. He nearly cries when he puts on his crown provided by his bald, flamboyant event-planner “Jimby Kimbel”. And out of the most randomest requests, this next one really toped them all. He asks (more like demands, really) for Sisqo’s presence to be at the party, ahaha I’m so done.

My words don’t do this any justice. It’s a bit lengthy, but a must see. Check it out: