Hip-hop was shocked yesterday to say the least, when the unexpected arrival of Gucci Mane caused a frenzy online. Nobody was really asking questions as to why he came home early, they were just happy he was. Now for those who HAVE been wondering – you get your answer.

Frankie Zing

Gucci’s release came more than 116 days earlier than his scheduled release date, September 20, from U.S Penitentiary Terre Haute (a high-security federal prison in Indiana). Gucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, revealed the reason for his client’s early departure:

“The reason for his release date is myself and my legal team took the position that he was not properly deemed and then credited for the time he was incarcerated while waiting for his case to go to court. We filed a series of motions after which being considered, the court signed an order in agreement with us. Bailor was sent to the Bureau of Prisons and his sentence was adjusted accordingly and he was released.”

After fans were not only elated that Gucci was back, but they noticed his much thinner physique. Findling clarifies this as well:

“He’s probably 50 pounds lighter. He’s fit and trim. He’s in incredible physical shape and he’s ready for the next chapter of his life and excited about the next chapter in his life.