IFWT_Lion Attack

When people usually go to the zoo they usually go to see all of the exotic animals like lions, tigers and bears but one man did the unthinkable when he went to visit a zoo in Chile. 20-year-old Franco Ferrada attempted to commit suicide by letting the lions in the zoo eat him alive. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

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According to reps from the Santiago Zoo in Chile, the man first scaled the fence and then took off all of his clothes before approaching the lions.

Witnesses said the lions ignored Ferrada at first but started attacking him when the naked man began taunting them. A zookeeper shot a tranquilizer dart aiming at the lions but it accidentally hit the man. As the lions attacked Ferrada, zookeepers began to fire real bullets at the lions and killed two of them in front of a large crowd of people.

Ferrada was rushed to a local clinic in critical condition with injuries to his head and pelvis. A suicide note was later reportedly found in his clothes. Authorities currently undergoing an investigation.

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Source: CW39