Mainak Sarkar, the man who killed a UCLA professor and then himself apparently had a hit list of all the people he was going to kill. The list featured woman who were already found dead, including his wife and also a second professor. Authorities think Sarkar was responsible for shooting Ashley Hasti near his St. Paul home then driving across the country to kill his old teacher.

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Sarkar arrived at UCLA with two pistols and a whole bunch of ammo. He tried to find the second professor but thank God, they were not on campus. The note found by police informed them to check on his cat. A possible motive for the killing of the professor was the teacher ripping of Sarkar’s work. He wrote in a blog calling the professor sick. He said,

“My name is Mainak Sarkar. I was this guy’s PhD student. We had personal differences. He cleverly stole all my code and gave it another student. He made me really sick. Your enemy is your enemy. But your friend can do a lot more harm. Be careful about whom you trust.”

UCLA denied that the professor did anything wrong.

Source: NYDailyNews