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Instagram tested a new news feed algorithm in March and now it looks like they will finally be rolling it out globally!

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Instagram’s news feed in March tested an algorithm that would change your Instagram timeline to show you photos you’ll most likely enjoy first rather than photos that have been posted most recently. Some Instagram celebs caught wind of the new feature and in a panic, tried to get many of their followers to turn on push notifications for their accounts. It looks like their precaution may have paid off as Instagram just announced the algorithmic rollout around the world.

Instagram mentions that many of their users miss 70% of their feed and the continued growth of Instagram has made it harder to keep up. They also found that in the test period for the algorithm in March there has been a larger like and comment turnout, meaning this new system is helping users engage more.

“With this new ordering you won’t miss your favorite band’s video after the concert, even if it took place across the world in a different time zone. And no matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest post.”

This new algorithm being implemented to Instagram is seen in many other sites across the web. The most popular site to do this was Facebook. Facebook tailors our news feed to prioritize posts we will enjoy the most. Also Facebook owns Instagram so an algorithm such as the one being rolled-out on Instagram doesn’t exactly come as a surprise.

However it is interesting to see how this algorithm of prioritizing ‘best’ first manages to increase user engagement. Another place I’ve seen a similar algorithm is on Reddit. That site has a ton of engagement and a pretty sophisticated community in terms of behavior on the site. We could possibly see something similar take place on Instagram soon too!

Source: The Verge