The Champ, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali passed away Friday night surrounded by family and love. Social media has been flooded with condolences and memories of the amazing man formerly known as Cassius Clay.

It is clear that The People’s Champion touched many lives in the ring as a boxer and outside of it due to his social and political views and actions. Check out a few things that some people of note had to say about him including Clint Eastwood, George Foreman, LeBron James, President Obama, the list goes on and on; check out Twitter for many, many more.


“Last year, at the end of the year, I spent some time with him in Louisville. Got to whisper in his ear. He was sickly, but he knew who he was. His mind, his brain, was always together. You could sneak up and give him a kiss. He just couldn’t move much…All Muhammad ever wanted was to be loved. He wanted love. And the world has shown today that they really love him. It wasn’t a put on…Muhammad Ali was like a total eclipse. We won’t see that again. Saying he was a great boxer, that’s making him too small. He was a great man.”

– George Foreman as told to TMZ