The debate about who is the best player in the world will always go on. Fans are going to root for their favorite players no matter what, which can sometimes make them delusional about which players are really the best. Steph Curry has been on a serious tear the past couple seasons and because of that most people now like to say he is the best player in the world. There are still holdouts (such as myself) that continue to think Lebron is still the best all around player. Steph was the first player in history to be named unanimous MVP this season but Bron’s teammate, JR Smith, didn’t think the voters got it right. In fact, he wouldn’t even have Steph second.


“Other than LeBron, I don’t really know who else to vote for,” Smith said. “I mean somebody who does everything for a team, whether it’s scoring, getting stops, rebounds, steals, blocked shots. There’s not more of a complete player, so I don’t see how he couldn’t be the most valuable.”

JR has a point. It’s easy to dismiss him as a hater or having an agenda but saying Lebron is the best isn’t exactly saying anything crazy. You have to remember JR and the Cavs are currently in a battle with the Warriors and he might just want to support his guy over an opponent.

As he kept talking, he then revealed he would pick Russell Westbrook ahead of Steph but he would have Curry in his top five.

“If I couldn’t vote for somebody on my own team I’d probably vote for a guy like Russ (Westbrook),” Smith said. “I mean, he’s energy, effort, consistently, got the total package. You gotta go for a guy like that.”

“Would he be in my Top-5? I mean, yeah, he’s very valuable to the team, to what they do,” he said. “If you take him out of the equation I think they’re a totally different team, but I mean he would definitely be in there. Absolutely.”

There really is no right or wrong side with this debate. You can make cases for both guys, as well as Russ and maybe Kevin Durant. Debates are always fun but sometimes we just gotta enjoy the athletes we are currently watching.