Clearly, Usher didn’t go show the Warriors players some love out of spite for Lebron not showing him much love at the end of the game but it definitely looked like that, which is what made this funny. To be honest, since he is a partial owner of the Cavs, Usher really had no business being anywhere near the Warriors locker room to congratulate Steph & Draymond. The whole scene was just weird. He looked like a fanboy instead of someone who owns a portion of the team the Warriors just beat down.


First, let’s look at how Lebron barely acknowledges him when he tries to give him dap as he walks off the court.

He didn’t completely ignore him but Bron definitely brushed him off and why wouldn’t he? At that moment he just lost and is thinking about how close he is to being eliminated by the Warriors again.

Now here is Usher a couple minutes later hanging outside the Warriors locker room

For what it’s worth, Usher was doing his best to rep for the Cavs, telling Draymond “it ain’t over!” to which he responded “if anybody knows that, we do!”

When he tried to tell Steph basically the same thing, he got a different response. “It ain’t over. You all did it. We can too.” Curry’s response: “It’s a different team over here.”

He is right about that last part. There is no way in hell the Cavs will come back from being down 3-1. Someone needs to remind Usher which team he has an ownership stake in because his own players are down and out facing elimination and that’s where his concern should be.