The 2-year-old taken by an Alligator at a Disney resort is presumed dead. Authorities are saying there is no way possible this child is still alive. Eye witnesses say they seen the baby playing in water when the alligator came up and attacked. The child’s father tried to fight the Alligator off but did not succeed. Officials are now searching for the child’d body

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Authorities have now found the body of the 2-year-old dragged into a lake by an Alligator. This is so heart breaking. Our prayers go out to the family of the child.


Earlier we reported that the Disney resort did not warn the guest about Alligators. Officials say they routinely kill the Alligators upon finding them. They claim its hard to keep them away. Disney is now trying to use Sonar to find the child’s body. They have now closed all beaches around the resort out of precaution.

Source: TMZ