For better or for worse? Angela Simmons Fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, is cheating on his soon to be mother of his child. A woman spoke up about an intimate relationship between the two. Damn, Angela, I feel for you girl.

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Apparently a side chick has brought the ammunition, to take down Tennyson. She’s pictures and videos in his Atlanta crib. Literally a video in the exact same room as Angela’s soon to be Hubby… Well, I don’t know about marriage after this but the side chick claims that the affair sparked back up on, March 8. Claiming to have withdrawals for Sutton. Tennyson also allegedly smashed another side chick on 4/20! If you remember that’s the same month Angela and Sutton got engaged. Absolutely not! Angela Honey, I’m praying for you. Check out the videos below.

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