Steve Kerr and Steph Curry both knew they were going to be fined today, the only question was how much. Kerr pretty much went out of his way to earn the fine, as he criticized the referees in a very blatant way during his post game press conference in regards to foul calls on Steph. The issue with Steph was slightly more tricky because his actions resulted in a fan being hit in the face with his mouthguard and some people were calling for him to be suspended. Well there is no way in hell the league would suspend the MVP for a game seven of the Finals, so instead they both received fines of $25,000.


Here is Kerr working hard to make sure he gets fined.

As far as Steph, well you already know what he did as well

Luckily for these guys, $25,000 is chump change to them.