While doing an interview with Acton Entertainment, rapper Waka Flocka says clever rap is not people are into now a days.

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Waka states,

“People got the most excuses when they can’t get no money and when they’re not winning. These niggas over here rapping about pancakes, and they mad niggas don’t want to eat no breakfast. It’s dinner time nigga. Shut the fuck up … That shit is over with. All that clever rapping. It’s here. But that ain’t what entertains people today. It ain’t that they don’t wanna hear that shit. It’s just not what’s popping right now,”

He then starts to speak on Flockaveli 2, syaingit will be out soon. Waka says the album will not have many features on it.

“People that follow my music wanna hear me, no features … They don’t wanna see me with Jay Z, Wayne, Kanye, Drake. That’s like a compilation CD. To me, if you gotta album it should be no features, just you.”

Source: HipHopDX