Two Arizona TV reporters are now under major fire after their 4 month old tested positive for Cocaine. 42-year-old Somchai Lisaius and his 26-year-old wife Krystin Lisaius, took their daughter to the hospital after noticing she was not eating and was very sluggish.

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They did not want to get the baby’s blood tested so they went to Banner University Medical Center. While there, the baby got a urine test done which showed signs of cocaine. The two were then indicted on charges of possession of a dangerous drug, drug paraphernalia, and child abuse. The two said they snorted cocaine while at a house party. Kristin Lisaius says she breast feeds her baby but did not think that would have an affect on the child. The couple’s lawyer, Michael Piccarreta released a statement saying,

“Hypothetically, if the child ingested cocaine through breast milk, then you gotta realize that there’s different understanding as to when a recreational drug will be out of your system and if there’s a misjudgment as to how fast it’s out of your system, then it’s an error that has been learned. It won’t be repeated.”

Police searched the couples home and found drug paraphernalia and also two white bags which contained traces of cocaine. The baby is now in the custody of her grandmother.

Source: Complex