For year cookie dough hash been a favorite snack for all ages. Almost everyone has dipped their spoon into the sweet delight. The Food and Drug Administration says it’s time to stop.

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Before you go and catch an attitude, listen up to the “why’s”. Firstly, cookie dough has egg, which puts you at risk for salmonella poisoning. This isn’t the first time that the Administration has made this statement. The first warning was due to the egg, this time it’s the flour that’s the issue. Lord, they’re always finding something.

Back in May, General Mills issued a recall to their flour brands due to an E.Coli scare. 10 million pounds were taken back but experts say don’t taste your cake batter anytime soon either. Reports of sickens has hit the country in over 20 states. Brands include Gold Medal and Wondra. The FDA says that packaged raw cookie dough ice creams are safe to consume. You don’t totally have to suffer. Be safe with the flour people. Eat safe, eat healthy.

Source: LA Times