It looks like formerly engaged couple, Ciara and Future won’t be coming to any middle ground anytime soon. Although many assumed the pair was past the worst of their drama after they were able to come to terms with outlining a proper visitation schedule for their son, Baby Future, looks like that couldn’t be further from the truth. Apparently, the plot has now thickened as Ciara is refusing to drop her defamation lawsuit against her baby’s father, and accuses him of threatening her fiancee, Russell Wilson in new court documents following Future dropping the track, “Juice.” Despite, Future taking to social media on Tuesday to shade his son’s mother following updates made to her defamation lawsuit, Ciara ALSO took to Instagram to respond and show just how unbothered she is by the whole situation.

Unfortunately for Baby Future, it doesn’t look like his parents will be backing down from their war of words anytime soon. On late Tuesday, Ciara took to Instagram to respond to the drama, letting all “concerned parties” aka Future know she was “all the way up.”

Andrea G: Twitter || Instagram