People from all over are grieving the murder of Alton Sterling. Rapper Arsonal has taken to a freestyle to share his thoughts on the whole thing. In light of this tragic murder, I must say this freestyle spoke volumes.

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The lyrics to the freestyle went,

Middle finger to da law
Dey keep killin our brothers
Alton sterling murder on camera
So was some of the others
Sandra bland aint get a mug shot
Mike brown got his mug shot
Eric gardner got choked out on camera
Till his lungs stoped

My daughter a queen she only 2 years old
N what not
Am i gon have to put a pistol in her lunch box
Strapped in da morning
As i walk her to the bus stop
Crooked or not now its fucc cops

Fucc donald trump
I hope my ppl vote against him
I dnt mind dat orange jumpsuit
I aint scared to go to prision
Either its justice or its war now
Dats Yo decession
Tell em i shot da sherrif
Not my co Defendant

Dey put cameras on dey uniforms for fun
Knowing he was unarmed
Yellin gun
Six shots to his chest
5 more den one
Who gon raise his family
Who gon take care of his son
Na Dis shit aint just begun

White boy walked in a church
Took 9 blacc lives dat matter
Dey walked em out wit a vest on his chest
Dats even sadder
We prostest about it riot n loot
White boy in sandy hook
Went and fired in school
Racisms real wat we tryin to proove
Dey look at blaccs to be da niggas
Shining dey shoes
But I aint a fool

Days y i keep a big ratchet
Call it kim parker
Dey hate our pigment
But Tanning to get dey skin darker
How u cops really feel takin a kids father
Being yung and blacc aint neva been harder

Check out the 2 part freestyle below.

Source: IG (@arsonal103)