Gun fire hit the side of a police head quarters in San Antonio. Upon inspecting the area bullet marks were found on the wall outside as well as there were shell casings found on the of the alley. There are reports of a suspect allegedly fleeing from the alley soon after the shots were fired. The reports are being investigated by Chief of Police William McManus.

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The shooting comes just days after the deadliest day for American law enforcement since the September 11th attacks in 2001. On that day five Dallas PD officers were killed by Ex Military veteran Michah Xavier.

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Police received a call Saturday night about there being shots fired near the vicinity of the building. Officers inspected the surrounding areas of the building. Found were bullet marks on the wall of the police building as well as shell casings on the floor of the alley. No person was injured in the incident. However, officers in the building at the time have reported that they did indeed hear the bullets strike the building.

Police have a description of the suspect and they are actively searching for more leads. As the investigation continues the alley has been sectioned off until further notice.

Source: CNN