We’re getting closer to that September date, so it is definitely possible for a working beta to be in the wild. Credible french website, NowhereElse.fr(credible because they’ve popped out iPhone’s in previous years) has release some pics of the latest iPhone.

Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD)

To be honest, we have to say these could be the iPhone in the wild, but they could also be 3D printed models, there’s no way to tell, aside it looks like metal, but there’s also no iPhone inscribed on it.

Here’s why you may be disappointed, actually I’ve already said it, it’s not much diff from iPhone 6/6S, but there is a bigger camera, making those rumors feel true. You can also see the Antenna lines are different, only on the very top and bottom instead of 2 more near the top & bottom….speaking of top and bottom, These pics never show from either angle so no way to confirm if the ‘no headphone jack’ is true. Also unconfirmed are the plus’ new dual camera set up as this it the 4.7″ version. I mean we’re not even hearing about new processors…but more than likely there will be new processors. We have heard about new colors, Space Black(which seems popular already), and Blue. Question is, without a major redesign, which a lot were expecting since last year S version was also the same, will you be getting a new iPhone 7?!? Take this poll if you have a second;


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