Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world, it’s practically hit every market, including crime! It’s all over the news from accidents, to robberies, to more Crime, to causing relationship issues, to business using it to boost sales. Passing Tinder, Twitter and FB on daily active users, changed to model of mobile gaming, successful integration of AR… Pokemon GO is one of those ‘game changers'(no pun intended), but a Drone made specifically to play in those ‘hard to reach’ areas??

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Well not really, a company named TRNLABS, that makes Micro/Nano/Pico Drones, dressed up one of their micro drones to look like pokemon go, made a video that looks like it’s dedicated to the game but it’s NOT real!

Here’s how I know, 1; Pokemon go doesn’t put Pokemon to catch over water, just near it. 2; when you go to TRNDLABS>Products>Drones you can’t actually purchase the PokeDrone. It was just a really dope way to troll people to get them to the website in hopes they see a drone they like anyway and buy!! They do make cool micro drones, so all in all, it’s a great marketing idea!!