A few weeks back, Travis Scott shared that he has just set a deal with Apple Music. He took to Instagram to post a photo with the caption read “DONE DEAL” with apples and flame signs.

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During a “The Whoolywood Shuffle” interview, Scott got a chance to speak on the partnership. Scott told DJWhooKid,

I just did my partnership with Apple Music and shit. Larry’s fucking amazing. That dude, he believes. He’s always talked to me when I was like beginning off. He always gave me that advice. You know, just to figure out where I’m going. So, I’m glad he’s down to take this trip with the kid and with this album; it’s super good.”

Scott also spoke on his album, “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.” He says he is currently working on a mini film to go with the album.

Hear more about Travis Scott’s partnership and album below.

Source: Complex