This one is for the 90’s babies. Nickelodeon is planning to air a “Hey Arnold” movie called “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” in 2017! Its lit. The very first official look at the movie just came out recently at Comic-Con. Check it out after the jump.

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One thing that might be suckish though, is that they changed the voice for Arnold and Gerald, two of the most important characters in the show. Luckily everyone else from the old show is set to do the voices of their respective characters.

So no trailer or even a teaser was released at Comic-Con but still we got to see how the characters look after like 15 years. Obviously the animation is a whole lot better. Some people might prefer the vintage look, for nostalgia purposes, but ain’t nothing wrong with trying to keep things a bit updated.

Check out the gallery for the images released at Comic-Con.