Among the many awesome things that came out of Comic-Con this weekend, the first official look at Wonder Woman was one of them. And it looks FIRE. Check it out!

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If anyone has noticed, feminism has taken over the media. From “Frozen” to news broadcasters, women are finally being in the front of the action (the right way). So it would only make sense for a Wonder Woman movie to hit the theaters, in an era of superhero movies.

Expect most of that being portrayed in this movie, small little “everything a man does a woman can do” innuendos. Some of examples of that in this trailer…

Male lead in the movie:

I can’t let you do this.

Wonder Woman:

What I do is not up to you.

Wonder Woman:

What is a secretary?

Woman secretary:

I go wherever he tells me to go. And do what he tells me to do.

Wonder Woman:

Oh, well I’m from that’s called slavery.