An HIV positive Malawi man has been arrested after having sex with over 100 children and woman. Eric Aniva, also known as a ‘hyena man,’ was reportedly paid to have sex with these children. He claims he was paid anywhere from $4-$7 for his services.

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Aniva says,

“Some girls are 12 or 13 years old, but I prefer them older. All these girls find pleasure in having me as their hyena. They actually are proud and tell other people that this man is a real man, he knows how to please a woman.”

Traditions such as these are unfortunately not limited to little children. In some places, a woman who’s husband dies has to sleep with a hyena man before she can burry him. Aniva is a married man with two wives and also several children. He is currently being charged with multiple cases of defilement due to the fact that he did not tell the woman or children that he was HIV positive.

President Peter Mutharika says Aniva may face more charges for exposing them to the disease.

“Harmful cultural and traditional practices cannot be accepted in this country. All people involved in this malpractice should be held accountable for subjecting their children and women to this despicable evil.”