Waka Flocka has been taking major steps to repair the damage done in his marriage, and he is doing so all over social media. Hit the jump to read his kind words to Tammi.

Bri: Instagram + Twitter

Waka posted a heartfelt message to his wife on Instagram and thanked her for her continuous fight to save their marriage.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Malphurs. I remember when we first met I told you that I would marry you and you laughed. An’ said boy shut up! Six years later and your my wife. Your loyalty, love and determination are what binds us. Words can not express nor will people ever understand how we feel about one another. Hell you love me more then I love myself. A true partner in life, my best friend. You did something money or the streets couldn’t do for me. You helped evolve a young man to a grown ass man. An’ for that, I love you and our beautiful daughter Charlie. Thank you for allowing me to help raise and guide her in this cold world we live in. I got y’all forever! The Flocka’s. Happy Birthday baby! Enjoy Jamaica

After the couple’s public issues of infidelity it’s really good to see these two in a better place.