This was funny and stupid at the same time. Two teens make a rap video inside of a stolen car and also with a stolen iPhone. The funny part is it got sent to the owners iCloud. Roy Grady’s wife, Joyce, borrowed a silver BMW from her boss after her car broke down. She was low on gas when she asked her son to take the car to a Miami gas station.

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As the son hopped out the car, the two teens hopped in the car and took off. The teens made videos which appeared on the families computer. The crazy part is these teens were not strangers to that area as they hang out at the same exact gas station. Roy Grady says,

“We have people around here who don’t understand you’re supposed to work for what you want. Santa Claus ain’t real,”

His wife went on to say,

“It has disrupted my whole life, why whole way of being,”

Police are currently still looking for the teens. The family is encouraging everyone to report these teens to authorities if they see them.

Source: WSHH