IFWT_Filipino divers

I saw this video of two Filipino divers going viral on social media.  Their dives were so bad they both got all zeros from the judges.  I was wondering HOW could they have possibly made it to the Olympics and it turns out they didn’t.

17-year old JD Pahoyo and his diving partner John Elmerson were competing in the SEA Games 2015, the Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.

Since the Rio Olympics began, someone decided to post their video again and people ran with it.  The guys had gone viral before and unfortunately have to relive it again.

Despite their dives bombing, they still smiled and high-fived each other, can’t be mad at that lol.

Also on the positive side, the ex-president of the Philippine Olympic Committee said the dives were a sign that Filipino sports had become “a joke.” The head of the Philippine Aquatic Sports Association used the poor performance as proof he needed more funding and upgraded facilities.

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