There’s been a lot of talk about gun control lately in this country because of the many mass shootings we’ve recently had. Many liberals have pushed for further gun control, like an all-out ban on assault rifles. But there one interesting question that political commentator and actor Steven Crowder brings up, how much do liberals know about guns?

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Before going into this skit there’s one factor you have to consider. As Youtuber “etru6” in the comment section said:

“You can literally choose any large group of people and any topic and make a video like this exposing the ignorance of that group on that topic. It’s pretty easy to do just because of the natural ignorance of the general public – and it’s ridiculously easy if you edit out the intelligent responses, use actors, ask leading questions, or do any number of other tricks to improve your success rate. There are thousands if not millions of videos like this on Youtube about any topic you can imagine…”

These twovguys do have a point, but how about the many liberals who do have knowledge about guns, some that even own guns. Regardless though, its funny to watch people not know much, if not at all, about a topic their so passionately against. Do your research before you go out demanding for things to change people. You’ll sound that much smarter in the end.