Ariana Grande’s being sued, along with David Guetta, for allegedly ripping off someone else’s song to craft their hit single “One Last Time”.

Frankie Zing

Alex Griggs claims that Skye Stevens’ 2012 song “Up All Night,” written by Griggs, is the song being ripped off by Grande & Guetta (which he wrote with 4 other songwriters). Stevens claims “One Last Time” is “substantially similar” to his with strikingly similiar choruses, melodies, arrangement, tempo, and more.

Stevens sent out cease-and-desist letters that were ignored by Grande and her label Universal Music Group. So now he’s going right for the heart and is suing Grande, Guetta, and UMG for $150K per infringement, also wanting the label not to be able to make any further profits from the song. The song’s video is also being claimed to have stolen from the original video as well, in the gallery above.

See for yourself below, what do you think?