Smh, racial profiling for Muslims literally happens everyday across the world. This is sad. Check out the full story below.

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As soon as Sakina, Maryam and Ali Dharas got on the plane they’re were told by one of the flight attendants to get off the aircraft and meet the officers who were outside waiting for them. They were interrogated for an hour, answering ridiculous questions. They told the officers,

“We only speak English, officer. We were born and bred in England.”

The profiling spawned from of the passengers that claimed he saw arabic words on their phone and immediately thought they were members of ISIS. The sad thing is that they are Indian therefore don’t speak arabic and they have done volunteer work to help victims of the ISIS terror, smh. The ignorance is strong people.

Maryam Dharas said:

“The common thread tying the tales of intolerance together seems to be that anyone who doesn’t conform to a standardised appearance is made to feel like a criminal. What happened to us and many others is not a mere misunderstanding or mistake, it’s racism based on profiling.”