Yesterday reports were circulating that John Wall was not a happy guy. More specifically, the reports stated he wasn’t happy with the money his own teammate, Bradley Beal received this off season, as well as the money James Harden received from the Rockets and Adidas. It certainly sounded strange that even if a player really felt that way that he would tell people about it so it could eventually wind up in the public eye. I didn’t really believe it anyway but Wall himself responded to those reports and made it clear he isn’t watching anyone’s pockets but his own.


“I just wanted to clear the air for all these people,” Wall said in a video published to the Twitter feed of the LeBron James media platform “The Uninterrupted.”

“Listen, that doesn’t matter to me,” Wall said. “If I produce like I’m supposed to on the basketball court and take care of myself and image, I’m going to be fine with making money. That’s not why I play the game of basketball.”

This all stems from reports that Wall was upset with Beal’s $128 million dollar contract this off season but it would be odd if Wall felt salty over that because contract money is all about timing. When Walls current deal ends, which pays him around $85 million, he himself will cash out big time, even more than Beal.

The same reports also claimed Wall took it personal that Adidas only offered him $7.5 million per year if he had stayed wit the brand but gave James Harden a 13 year contract worth around $200 million. He was also reportedly upset with Harden’s $118 million dollar extension this summer.

Notice how many times I used the word “report” or “reportedly”. It’s a shame that people can put these stories out and hide behind “sources” who you don’t even know if there is any truth to it. There would be no reason for Wall to hate on any other players money because he has plenty of his own and his next contract will be huge.